Faith And The Final Push Into Our Promise Lands!

Hello Everyone!  I hope you are all doing great and being Blessed today!  I just recorded a podcast on Anchor titled Faith And The Final Push Into Our Promise Lands!  As you know if you have been listening to any of my podcasts I have been sharing different aspects of my particulary recent intense journey with the Lord.  When it first started happening,  almost two years ago now,  I was overwhelmed and confused by the experience,  but the Lord has been merciful and gracious to me by leading me to other people who were posting online about their journey’s with God in the last year or so, and it has been a great comfort and help to learn that these other people were having a similar experience of undergoing an intense transitioning process from one season to another!

I have also shared how overwhelming and painful it has been at times to be taken through the process with the Lord of shedding the old to make way for the new,  and so I really want to encourage anyone reading this who can relate to the growing pains of transition that the Lord is faithful and can be trusted! He is faithful to finish the work He starts in us,  and one of the biggest places I believe He is working to perfect is our faith in Him!  Faith in my experience is just no small feat,  many often say we fight the good fight of faith and I believe that is true!  There are many enemies to faith in our lives,  fear,  insecurity,  doubt, and unbelief are just a few.  Not to mention we have an adversary who is ever roaming about in search of those he can derail and draw away from God’s purposes and plans for their lives.

It is with all of this in mind that I wanted to explore a little more about the role that faith plays in our being able to fully enter into our Promise Lands!  Here is an excerpt from the podcast where I explore the idea that there are degrees of faith:

“…and because I think our ability to have faith in God and trust Him is so key to us being able to fully step over into our Promise Lands and subsequently function as fully and productively as we can in those calls and giftings,  I feel prompted to share something from the Streams In The Desert devotional dated July twenty-first…it’s called Degrees of Faith and starts with a scripture from Judges 6 verse 39 which says, ‘Let me prove, I pray thee, but this once with the fleece.’  The devotional then goes on to say, There are degrees to faith.  At one stage of Christian experience we cannot believe unless we have some sign or some great manifestation of feeling.  We feel our fleece like Gideon,  and if it is wet we are willing to trust God.”

Here is another excerpt from the podcast whhere I talk about which stage of faith I believe I am now experiencing:

“I would say that I am now definitely experiencing that third stage of faith and so as I am following the Lord’s leading and moving a little more day by day into my new Promise Land,  I find that my really intensive focus has to be on the Lord and His promises and word to me!  If I lean on or look too much to anything else,  like my circumstances,  or my feelings,  or even what I might perceive as success or productivity in what I feel the Lord is calling me to do,  I can get out of faith and off course. ”

If you would like to hear the podcast in it’s entirety, I hope you can tune in and join me on Anchor,  just look for Real Talk with your host Sonja!  You can also now find my Anchor podcast on Spotify as well as Castbox and Breaker!  Thanks again for joining me on my journey and God Bless you all!

Introducing Sci-fi Corner!

Hello Everyone! I am excited to introduce a new category to my Real Talk Radio Blog and Podcasts! I have always enjoyed science-fiction and in fact, I grew up greatly influenced by my grandfather Lou who wrote several science-fiction stories, and so I decided that to honor his memory I would attempt to carry on, even if in some small way, his writing legacy. I also felt the Lord prompting me many years ago to attempt writing a science-fiction book and it has been a labor of love that I have found to be very challenging but also rewarding!

I feel led to write the story in segments here on the blog first that I will then share on my Podcasts as well. I definitely feel led to put the story on Anchor right away, but I am not as sure about adding it to my Spreaker podcast just yet. Maybe once I see if the story gains an audience on Anchor, I will get a better feel about recording it on Spreaker as well.

Until then stay tuned for upcoming segments of my science fiction story! God Bless you all and thank you again for wanting to share in my life’s journey!

Borders, Boundaries And New Horizons!

Hello All! I do hope and pray that everyone is having a Blessed day today! I just recorded a new Spreaker podcast yesterday where I talked about borders, boundaries and new horizons! I just want to say here that I chose to call my podcasts and this blog Real Talk for a reason! I am sharing different aspects of my life journey as I feel led by the Lord and inviting those who might feel drawn or called to come alongside me as I stumble forward, and at some point, it is my hope that those listening to the podcasts and reading this blog will also feel inspired to share and dialogue in a safe environment about their life journey too.

This particular podcast is the first one I felt prompted to record even while I was experiencing some of the pain of the construction and re-construction process within me. This was interesting because what I was talking about during the podcast I was also literally experiencing in the moment! Especially the idea that as we are moving forward into our new season some construction and reconstruction continues. There is still a necessary tearing down of any internal walls that might hinder us in our new season. These boundaries and walls may have brought us much comfort and security in the last season, so as God begins to remove them we may feel to varying degrees emotional pain, disorientation, and vulnerability that can result in the need to be comforted!

I was definitely experiencing some of these feelings to some degree while recording the podcast and while it was humbling, it was also authentic and real, and that is the heart of what I hope Real Talk to be all about! Here is a short segment from the podcast where I touch on the tension we might experience as we keep moving forward with the Lord into new territories that will require new borders and boundaries to be established:

“…while old mind-sets and patterns are being torn down, it can help us maybe be less resistant to the process if we can more consciously be aware that the Lord is tearing down these old patterns or walls to make way for the new. It is in this in-between stage within us, this place of uncomfortable tension, where the Lord has already torn down alot of the old season, but we haven’t quite yet crossed fully over into our new season, that we may feel very vulnerable”!

I also shared in the podcast what I was personally experiencing in that moment, which was a need for comfort as I felt some old internal walls coming down. I encouraged those listening and who might be going through a similar experience, to seek out the Lord in those painful moments and not look to other sources for that much needed comfort. I also explore in the podcast some of the reasons why it is so very important for us that God establish new boundaries for us in our new territories! If this is a topic that strikes a chord within you, please be sure and tune into my Spreaker podcast to hear more!