Hello everyone!  I just finished a new podcast on Spreaker titled Stability where I take a look at why I believe we can have true and lasting stability in our lives!  I started the podcast out with two scriptures that I felt God highlighted to me that will hopefully help demonstrate how we can better experience real stability in our lives and why stability is not an elusive or unattainable goal for us! The first scripture I shared is Ephesians 3 verse 16 from the Amplified Bible which says,  “May He grant you out of the riches of His glory,  to be strengthened and spiritually energized with power through His Spirit in your inner self,  (indwelling your innermost being and personality)…” and the other scripture is also from the Amplified Bible and it says,  “He made Christ who knew no sin to (judicially) be sin on our behalf,  so that in Him we would become the righteousness of God (that is,  we would be made acceptable to Him and placed in a right relationship with Him by His gracious lovingkindness).”

Here are just a few excerpts from the transcript of the podcast where I talk about how our comprehension of these scriptures can help us better understand how and why stability is an attainable goal for us!

“…so I believe that our stability is profoundly tied in and connected to,  the idea that as God grants us,  out of the riches of His glory,  it strengthens and spiritually energizes us with power through the Holy Spirit that then translates into our inner beings.”

“…the time of building sandcastles on the shifting sands of the soul is now coming to an end…I took that to mean that anything built out of the fallen nature is on shaky ground,  or shifting sands,  and so it is foundationally unstable. ”

“…one other thing that really impacted me,  and that I felt tied it all together,  is the idea that we are a temple of the Holy Spirit,  and that this also brings true stability for us!  It’s like a lightbulb went off and I thought wow this is the how and why of it!  This is the tangible reality and hope for us for stability if we have put our trust and faith in Jesus!  We can have real stability within our innermost beings and we can get the revelation and understanding that we truly are energized spiritually through and by the Holy Spirit when God grants us these inner riches,  ‘out of the riches of His glory’! So as this continues for us in our walk with God we are hopefully getting more strengthened and being more energized as the Lord is taking us through,  by our obedience to Him,  a process of laying a true,  solid foundation within us that cannot be shaken!”

This topic must be close to God’s heart because I already feel a prompting to do another podcast where I will be sharing some additional insights on this important concept of stability!  As always you can hear my Spreaker episodes in their entirety on my Spreaker Real Talk Radio podcast,  just look for Podcaster SMills!


Fix Your Eyes

My new episode out on Spreaker is titled Fix Your Eyes!  In this episode I talk about what we can do when we feel that the particular cross we have been asked to carry is becoming too much for us to bear.  I started with the scripture from Hebrews 12 verse 2 from the NIV which reads,  “Fixing our eyes on Jesus,  the pioneer and perfector of faith.  For the joy set before Him he endured the cross,  scorning its shame,  and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.”  If you have been feeling like you have had to carry the weight of your cross much longer than you ever thought you would have to,  here are a few excerpts from the podcast where I share why I think this can sometimes happen to us.

“…I think one of the reasons this actually happens for us is because the battle is,  and has been fierce,  and the laborers have been few.  So for those of us who feel we are called particularly to be spiritual forerunners and pioneers,  this situation of the laborers being few can be something we,  as a forerunner,  might feel more acutely,  and we also might bear the consequences of spiritual realities and warfare more acutely.  What then can we do when we are feeling that we just cannot bear up under that particular cross the Lord has called us to carry”?

“…our focus is key,  but not just focus,  it is specific focus on Jesus…even now as I am struggling to keep my focus and eyes on Jesus,  I can still,  with an act of my will,  choose to remain faithful to those things He has given me to do and steward in my new Promise Land!”

You can hear the full podcast,  Fix Your Eyes,  on my Spreaker Real Talk Radio show,  just look for Podcaster SMills!  I also wanted to mention here in the blog something exciting that happened to me about a week ago.  I had an amazing experience with the Lord where a series of poems just started,  through inspiration,  to come to me!  I actually ended up writing about 15 poems or so in the span of about 2 hours!  I am titling this collection of poems The Savior Series,  and my Mom and I are now working to put together an ebook of this collection of poems! I will be sure to let you know more about the availability of the ebook once we get it completed.  I thought I would share one of the poems in The Savior Series here on the blog, and I shared this poem in the podcast as well.  The poem,  like the podcast is also titled Fix Your Eyes,  and I actually decided to give the podcast the same title as the poem when I realized that the podcast content aligned with the poem so perfectly!  So here is one of the poems from The Savior Series!

Fix Your Eyes

Fix your eyes on Jesus, the perfector of your faith,

the perfector of you.  His return gaze will blaze the trail meant for you.

In this world there will be trouble,  still this trouble is the signpost.

This trouble is the door to perfection awaiting you on the other side.

Don’t forget that you are the Bride and only hell’s gate is open wide,

but this is not for you.  This is not for you.

Fix your eyes on Jesus,  the perfector of your faith,  the perfector of you,

and have no doubt that His resurrection life ,  is now your life too.