Why Is Faith Important?

Hello everyone!  I just finished a new Spreaker podcast titled Why Is Faith Important!  I was inspired to do this podcast as I was listening to someone on yotube, his name is Marcus Rogers if anyone would be interested in looking him up.  He used a phrase that inspired me when he said that ‘we can be faithful because we have faith!’ It reminded me that when I am going through a difficult time in my life,  I not only look to the Lord to help me through the trial in the moment,  but I also draw upon my already existing level of faith.  In other words,  I am able to remain faithful during times of testing to the degree that I have already developed faith within me!  In the podcast I share several reasons why I feel faith is so important for us,  here are just a few excerpts from the podcast!

“…if I have faith already developed within me,  I am more able to trust God in those kinds of difficult moments or challenges,  and that of course is just one good reason why faith is so important!  I have talked in earlier podcasts about how I felt that the Lord was taking me through a process of a kind of resistance training similar to what I imagine weight lifters go through.  An example of this would be the Lord having me resist giving into fear,  and I’m not talking about trying not to feel afraid in my own strength,  because in my experience trying not to feel afraid when I feel afraid has not worked!  It’s more like the Lord taking me by the hand, and then with an act of my will, I am choosing to trust Him in that moment, even though I might still be feeling some fear,  and so as I have faced that particular fear,  choosing to trust Him,  it would be like flexing a faith muscle!”

“As I am looking to the Lord to get me through that valley,  I am also trusting Him to expose and reveal to me any lies I might have been believing that were attached to that fear.  This brings to my mind the scripture from Romans 8 vs. 28 from the NiV that says,  ‘And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him,  who have been called according to His purpose.”  This is a comforting scripture for me to remember during times where I feel my faith is being really stretched and tested because I know that if I can just trust Him,  and if I can believe that He really is going to work all that I am going through to the good,  I can be comforted and assured even when those times of testing and trial come and this is another reason why faith is so important!  In those pressure cooker moments in life,  we need a real foundation that can stand,  a real trust in the Lord that we can draw from in those heightened moments in life of our greatest need!”

If you would like to hear the podcast,  Why Is Faith Important, in it’s entirety, please be sure to tune in to hear the full episode on Spreaker,  just look for Real Talk Radio,  Podcaster SMills!  I will be back with you again soon,  until then,  blessings to you!