How Do We Hold Vision?

Hello everyone!  I just finished a new Spreaker episode titled, How Do We Hold Vision!  In this episode,  I talk about a couple of key building blocks that I believe can help us better hold God-given vision! God was emphasizing to me that as we go through various trials,  our faith as well as our ability to trust in God,  actually undergoes a process of strengthening and these times of testing can ultimately bring us closer to a stronger foundational confidence in the Lord!  Here are a few excerpts from the podcast where I introduce the idea that faith and trust are essential in establishing a strong foundation of confidence within us :

“… faith and trust are two of the essential building blocks we need to build confidence!  I believe that to the extent that our faith and trust in God has remained alive and healthy,  this is the extent to which our confidence in God has been able to stay alive and healthy as well.  Unfortunately,  if we have broken faith or broken trust,  this can adversely affect our ability to receive healing and these blocks to healing can affect our faith and trust in God. All these factors seem to be inter-connected and that is why I have emphasized in my Hope For Healing videos in particular,  the need for us to stay on whatever healing track we might be on with God so that we can be healed from any past wounding or trauma.  The more healed we become,  places of broken faith and trust within us can then begin to be restored as well!  If we continue on in our healing track,  our faith and trust levels should grow and strengthen until our trust in the Lord has been restored! I believe this is an exciting point where our overall confidence level in God can then be positively affected,  hopefully resulting in a stronger foundational confidence in the Lord that will not only impact our hearts ability to hold vision,  but help us carry that vision with confident hope on into the future!”

If you would like to hear this episode in its entirety, it is on Spreaker and Spotify,  just look for SMills’s Show!  As always thank you for joining me in my journey,  I look forward to being back with you again soon!