God-Given Vision And Relinquishing Control

Hello everyone!  I just finished a new Spreaker episode titled God-Given Vision And Relinquishing Control, and in this episode I shared why I believe we need to follow the leading and direction of the Holy Spirit in order to fulfill our God-Given purpose and to see the vision God has given to us come to pass! Here are a few excerpts from the podcast where I share what I believe might be one of the primary hindrances to our ability to relinquish control to the Holy Spirit and follow God’s leading in our lives.

“…  if we have ever experienced people attempting to manipulate and control us in a negative way we may unfortunately find that we are now carrying this negative past experience into our present relationship with the Holy Spirit.  We may not even be fully consciously aware that we are having an issue, but if anyone has mis-used a position of authority or leadership in our lives and consequently caused us harm by crossing our boundaries with this negative form of control, we may find that we fear allowing the Holy Spirit to guide and direct us in our life path and on the course that would ultimately lead us to walking out our God-Given vision and destiny!”

“… it has been my experience that in order to see a vision fulfilled we need to be able to trust in the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit enough to step out in faith and act on those activities and endeavors that we feel God is calling us to do!”

I ended the podcast with a prayer asking for the Lord to help us discern when the Holy Spirit might be giving us direction and to remove any hindrances within us so that our God-Given vision can come to full fruition in our lives!  If you would like to hear this podcast in its entirety be sure to look for SMills’s show on Spreaker and I look forward to being back with you again soon with  excerpts from my next podcast!