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Welcome to my Realtalk Radio blog!  My name is Sonja,  I am the author of this blog as well as a podcaster on Spreaker and Anchor.  You can find me on Spreaker as podcaster SMills and my show is called Real Talk Radio,  on Anchor my show is called Real Talk with your host Sonja!  I graduated from Specs Howard School of Media Arts in Southfield,  Michigan in 1989,  and even though that seems a long time ago,  my passion for Radio and Broadcasting has remained as strong as ever!  My vision for this blog and for the podcasts,  is to have a safe and welcoming environment to share authentically and from the heart, about real life topics that not only interest me,  but will hopefully interest and bless you as well!  So in the spirit of being able to edify and encourage one another,  I want to say as enthusiastically as I can that I welcome your topic ideas and questions!  Up to this point I have been sharing my journey with God along with some of the insights I have had along the way in the hopes that it might be an encouragement to others going through similar experiences.  I am also passionate about music and science fiction and I have even been attempting to write a science fiction book!  I am truly glad you stopped by and I sincerely hope you will be Blessed and encouraged by what you find here!