Additional Thoughts About Thriving In The Promise Land!

Good Morning Everyone!  I hope you are all having a blessed Sunday my friends! This is a more impulsive blog post for me than usual but I wanted to share with you guys in a little more detail what has been happening to me as I have been stepping out more in what I feel is my new Promise Land.  The Lord says not to despise small beginnings and I think I can understand more fully now why He might have said this!  Building something is a step by step process and some of those steps can seem quite unremarkable at times and even tedious, and so I am having to cultivate in a deeper way habits of discipline and consistency even when I may not be experiencing much outwardly to even encourage or motivate me to keep going.  Of course there is the constant sense of doing something meaningful for the Lord and that is truly a reward in and of itself,  but I have been discovering that the mechanics of the process involve many building block moments where I simply have to persevere and plod through!

However I hope this does not sound like complaining on my part because God has His ways of pulling back the veil on any project or endeavor and taking our breath away as He shows us some of the previously hidden progress that has been going on under the surface and these can be exciting and fulfilling moments for us!  In fact, this is why I wanted to share with you guys in a more informal way on the blog today because I recently had one of these moments!  The moment was connected to my being obedient to what I felt was the Lord’s prompting to start a facebook page for the Real Talk Radio podcasts.  So I enlisted my tech savvy Mom’s help as I often do, and together we started finding our way through the process of creating a facebook page for my podcasts!  I will spare you those somewhat tedious details,  but the part I  wanted to share with you is how the Lord can surprise us in unforeseen ways as we simply move out in those promptings He puts on our hearts to do.  I believe this is actually even another aspect of how we can thrive in our Promise Lands or territories or whatever you might want to call them.  As Mom and I moved through the set-up process it felt a bit uncertain and even chaotic at times but I suppose all pioneering and building is like this!

Okay so I am finally getting to the heart of what I wanted to share with you,  as we were moving step by step through the set-up process I saw an option to form a facebook group that would be affiliated with the main Real Talk Radio page.  I felt a prompt to go ahead and start a group, but I have to say it was a quiet prompt,  and one that I could have easily brushed off or ignored and here is where I think that mysterious element of surprise can come in when we are listening and obeying to even the quietest of promptings in our hearts. I followed that quiet prompting and formed a group that I decided to call Real Talk Friends!  I was blessed and surprised when I saw that a flood of people were joining the group!  I was also confused because my official Real Talk Radio page was not getting much of a response and that might have discouraged me but then I realized that this is truly an example of the mystery of how God works!  We might have a set idea in our mind about how we think something is going to work out and what it is going to look like,  but if we are truly allowing the Lord to build it there is no way to predict the outcome!  When I started the official Real Talk Radio page on facebook there was no preconceived idea in my mind that one of the best, and most rewarding outcomes, was going to a great and budding online community where people would be able to share and discuss those things that are on their hearts in a safe and caring environment!

I am thankful and I feel blessed that God wanted this online community to come together!  I hope what I have shared here today has been a blessing to you and maybe even inspired you to not despise what you might be perceiving as your small beginnings!  As we continue to be faithful in what we feel God is putting on our hearts to do,  and I believe to the degree that we can go with the flow of it so to speak,  we give God the room to build His ministry and we receive the amazing blessing of being a partner with Him and a vessel for His work on the earth!

How Does The Lord Raise Up A Standard For Us?

Happy Saturday everyone!  I hope you are all having a blessed day today!  I wanted to share a little bit about the idea of the Lord raising up a standard when we are experiencing adversity in our spiritual walk,  and how the Lord might do that.  In my last podcast I talked  about possible ways to hopefully keep the higher ground of victory after you have been brought to a new place of victory with God in any area of your life!  I believe that our ability to trust and have faith in God’s faithfulness to us and His goodness are key to this,  but in the podcast I did not go into too much depth about how God might actually raise up a standard against the opposition and enemy attacks we might be experiencing as we either are moving into places of higher spiritual ground with the Lord,  or if we are currently occupying those places and need to hold the new ground.  So I wanted to post here on the blog some additional thoughts about how God raises up a standard on our behalf when we come under enemy fire.  My first thought is that if you are being led by the Holy Spirit as you are advancing with the Lord,  then there will surely be times in your walk where you sense the Lord leading you into battle,  I am especially basing this on my own journey and experiences as I have been going through my own transition out of the wilderness and into a new Promise Land.  Even though my discernment is not where I would like it to be,  I have definitely sensed many times that the Lord was leading me straight into battle!  I think maybe the most important key here is that when the Lord is raising up a standard on our behalf these strategic maneuvers are offensive rather than defensive,  and this is good news!  This running toward the battle instead of away from it by the power of the Holy Spirit,  and at the Lord’s leading,  can be a powerful and liberating experience for us as we face the giants in our lives that previously held us captive in fear and bondage!  As we have repeated experiences of the Lord being there for us in this way,  I believe our faith and trust in Him cannot help but grow and develop more fully,  until we are finally able to really process and believe from the depths of our being whole-heartedly Romans 8 verse 31 (NIV) which says,  “What,  then,  shall we say in response to these things?  If God is for us,  who can be against us”?

So I pray you will be encouraged as you are moving forward through adversity into your new beginnings with the Lord!  As you progress,  opposition is inevitable,  but the Lord has your back,  and we can take comfort in the truth that He is stronger,  wiser,  and more brilliant than we could ever conceive!  Before I close,  I just want to pray that you will be encouraged and strengthened and that your faith in God’s goodness,  His faithfulness to you,  and His deep and abiding love for you,  will be firmly established within your innermost being!  Be blessed and strengthened in Jesus’ name!

Isaiah 59 verse 19 (NKJV) –  “So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west,  and His glory from the rising of the sun;  when the enemy comes in like a flood,  the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.”

Psalm 60 verse 4 (New Living Translation) – “But you have raised a banner for those who fear you – a rallying point in the face of attack.”

Additional Thoughts On Expansion

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you are having a Blessed day today! I was able to get my spreaker episode about expansion out yesterday, but I wanted to add a few additional thoughts here as well. As I mentioned on the podcast, the idea of expansion is largely about being able to enlarge our spiritual territory and, at least for me, this has involved a process of spiritual weight lifting. I have had to face fears as well as deal with outside spiritual forces resisting and opposing the will of God in my life. It has not been easy at all, however I have seen some rewarding progress, and I hope and pray that if you have been going through something similar to me, that you have seen some progression as well!

I hope you have been seeing new strengths emerging for you, especially in areas where you might have felt particularly weak or atrophied. The process of transition itself has involved for me the uncomfortable feeling of being stretched by God, sometimes far beyond what I felt were my natural capacities! This process has inevitably brought out fears within me, some that I was not even aware I had! It has also brought out insecurities, and touched on areas where I had a distrust of God. However, as I was being stretched and often to what felt like my breaking point, I now realize that all that stretching and resistance has produced a deeper capacity for me to expand outward in ways I don’t think I could have before!

I have also noticed a new and more flexible shift in my perspective that I believe is a fruit of God pruning away old things that were not allowing me to more readily and easily embrace new ways of seeing things, or at least enabling me to not resist some of the ideas and new direction I feel God is giving me…things that in the past season I might have rejected. Through this progression, and subsequent perspective shift, I am now starting to feel some genuine excitement about how certain projects are coming together, and even though the beginnings might be small, I can still feel how they are moving and growing little by little, especially as I am hopefully not resisting the process of new growth and expansion! May we all keep moving forward by the grace of God into all that He is calling us to, after all expansion is all about moving into our inheritance!