Faith And The Final Push Into Our Promise Lands!

Hello Everyone!  I hope you are all doing great and being Blessed today!  I just recorded a podcast on Anchor titled Faith And The Final Push Into Our Promise Lands!  As you know if you have been listening to any of my podcasts I have been sharing different aspects of my particulary recent intense journey with the Lord.  When it first started happening,  almost two years ago now,  I was overwhelmed and confused by the experience,  but the Lord has been merciful and gracious to me by leading me to other people who were posting online about their journey’s with God in the last year or so, and it has been a great comfort and help to learn that these other people were having a similar experience of undergoing an intense transitioning process from one season to another!

I have also shared how overwhelming and painful it has been at times to be taken through the process with the Lord of shedding the old to make way for the new,  and so I really want to encourage anyone reading this who can relate to the growing pains of transition that the Lord is faithful and can be trusted! He is faithful to finish the work He starts in us,  and one of the biggest places I believe He is working to perfect is our faith in Him!  Faith in my experience is just no small feat,  many often say we fight the good fight of faith and I believe that is true!  There are many enemies to faith in our lives,  fear,  insecurity,  doubt, and unbelief are just a few.  Not to mention we have an adversary who is ever roaming about in search of those he can derail and draw away from God’s purposes and plans for their lives.

It is with all of this in mind that I wanted to explore a little more about the role that faith plays in our being able to fully enter into our Promise Lands!  Here is an excerpt from the podcast where I explore the idea that there are degrees of faith:

“…and because I think our ability to have faith in God and trust Him is so key to us being able to fully step over into our Promise Lands and subsequently function as fully and productively as we can in those calls and giftings,  I feel prompted to share something from the Streams In The Desert devotional dated July twenty-first…it’s called Degrees of Faith and starts with a scripture from Judges 6 verse 39 which says, ‘Let me prove, I pray thee, but this once with the fleece.’  The devotional then goes on to say, There are degrees to faith.  At one stage of Christian experience we cannot believe unless we have some sign or some great manifestation of feeling.  We feel our fleece like Gideon,  and if it is wet we are willing to trust God.”

Here is another excerpt from the podcast whhere I talk about which stage of faith I believe I am now experiencing:

“I would say that I am now definitely experiencing that third stage of faith and so as I am following the Lord’s leading and moving a little more day by day into my new Promise Land,  I find that my really intensive focus has to be on the Lord and His promises and word to me!  If I lean on or look too much to anything else,  like my circumstances,  or my feelings,  or even what I might perceive as success or productivity in what I feel the Lord is calling me to do,  I can get out of faith and off course. ”

If you would like to hear the podcast in it’s entirety, I hope you can tune in and join me on Anchor,  just look for Real Talk with your host Sonja!  You can also now find my Anchor podcast on Spotify as well as Castbox and Breaker!  Thanks again for joining me on my journey and God Bless you all!

Are You In God’s Pressure Cooker?

Yesterday I recorded a podcast on Anchor about being in God’s pressure cooker and the very next day I found myself in a situation and a fire so hot that I truly felt I could not bear it!  I bring this up to say that the things I am sharing with you here and on my podcasts,  truly come from my own walk with the Lord and experiences!  It is a humbling posture to be in,  but also one that although often painful and even humiliating at times,  is necessary in a season of transition and movement forward into new lands and promises.  Experiencing the refiners fire is inescapable if we want to keep moving forward with God,  especially so that we can fulfill the new calls on our lives and new assignments with the purity and integrity God wants us to have.

Here are a few excerpts from the podcast where I talk about,  among other things,  how punishing this refining process can sometimes feel to us!

“We hear people often talk about the fires of affliction and also that God is a consuming fire…the idea that God has to sometimes turn up the heat and the pressure in our lives and that this is the way that impurities within us can come to the surface and be removed.  I just want to say here that if you have felt alot of pressure coming for instance from your life circumstances,  relationships,  or maybe in your finances and health,  it is possible that you are experiencing a refining process with the Lord, and it can be easy to feel like you are actually being punished.  I want to encourage you that the Lord’s fires are actually meant to ultimately bless and prepare you for what He has planned for you in the future!  We often want instant results…I began to experience having to go through the fires with the Lord and I was basically not getting out of anything!  I could no longer go around obstacles, or even pray those obstacles away,  but instead the Lord was teaching me to take hold of His hand and go through the trial or fire with Him.  If you are recognizing that…the only way out of something unpleasant or unwanted is to hold onto the Lord with all your strength then you might very well be in that cruscible or pressure cooker with the Lord.”

I hope you will be able to tune into the podcast to hear more about why God has us go through these fires,  as well as why we at times resist Him.  Be Blessed and encouraged today as you keep pressing and moving forward and know that whatever fiery trials you might be facing right now the Lord has not abandoned or forsaken you!  You are not being punished,  but refined to reflect more and more of His heart and image!  God Bless you all!

Keeping The Higher Ground of Victory!

Good Morning Everyone!  I hope you are having a blessed morning so far!  I recorded another podcast yesterday on Anchor titled keeping the higher ground of victory,  and I am planning to broadcast this same content on my spreaker podcast as well.  This is a little unusual for me because I haven’t been broadcasting the same message on both channels up to this point,   but for this particular content I felt God wanted it on both podcasts so I am really hoping and praying it will be a blessing and help to you!  Keeping the higher ground of victory is something we all want to achieve in our journeys with God,  and yet we still encounter opposition and adversity at times along the way,  so any help for us in being able to keep the spiritual ground God has brought us through is so very helpful!  Here are just a few excerpts from my podcast where I explore how faith and trust in God are just a couple of  important keys to keeping that higher ground –

“…if you have been either coming out of a transition into a new place with the Lord like I have,  or if you are still in transition ,  adversities are going to strike,  and when they do we often are tested to our core and we might become vulnerable to doubting God.  Part of what I believe transition is about is to deal with those places within us that might hinder us from not only being able to fully enter into our new season and promise,  but could hinder us from being able to stay in a victorious place with Him!  So when these adversities come we need to know how to stay in faith and on our path with the Lord and not be pulled down into discouragement, fear, doubt, or even unbelief…the Lord is working to build in us a strong foundation of trust in Him as He takes us through a process of deliverance from the bondages of those desert places that might still be in our souls…we can take heart that as we stay in faith, and keep our eyes on the Lord He will raise up a standard against those things that would hinder us from walking in a place of freedom and victory in and with Him!”

I hope you can tune into one or both podcasts if you are interested in hearing more!  I can be found on spreaker as podcaster SMills and my show there is called Real Talk Radio and on Anchor my podcast is called Real Talk with your host Sonja!  I will also be adding some additional thoughts here on the blog that I didn’t get to explore on the broadcast about the ways in which God might raise up a standard on our behalf when adversity strikes!  Until then I pray that God will Bless you today and I will leave you with this excerpt from one of the Streams In The Desert daily devotionals that seemed particularly highlighted to me as an encouragement for those struggling with keeping the higher ground of victory,  especially if you are currently experiencing adversity –

“Poverty, hardship and misfortune have pressed many a life to moral heroism and spiritual greatness.  Difficulty challenges energy and perseverance.  It calls into activity the strongest qualities of the soul.  It was the weights on Father’s old clock that kept it going.  Many a head wind has been utilized to make port.  God has appointed opposition as an incentive to faith and holy activity…like combat, like victory.  If for you He has appointed special trials,  be assured that in His heart He has kept for you a special place.  A soul sorely bruised is a soul elect.”

On The Edge!

Happy Tuesday everyone! I was up early and recorded a new episode on my Anchor podcast this morning and so I wanted to share some excerpts from the show! I titled the podcast On The Edge because it was on my heart to talk about being on the edge of either getting ready to dive into the deep end, or already finding yourself in the deep end and having to navigate through deeper waters with God. Here are a few excerpts from today’s podcast –

“What are some of the characteristics/signs of being in the deep end of the pool or ocean with God?

– Unfamiliar terrain
– Being out of your comfort zone
– Being aware of carving out your own path
– A feeling that God is pushing you to go places that you don’t feel ready for.”

If you are experiencing any of these things, or a combination of them, God might be inviting you to go deeper with Him! Here is another excerpt from the podcast…

“I want to encourage you to trust that if God has brought you to the edge of the deep end, and you are feeling a push to dive in that God really has it! Trust that, even if you aren’t feeling fully ready, God has taken you out of the kiddie pool for a reason and that it is time to dive into the deep end with Him. Even though it might feel scary and even overwhelming, trust that the kiddie pool is just not going to satisfy or fulfill you anymore and that God really does know what He is doing! Trust that we really are built for those deeper waters with God”!

I don’t use the word trust here lightly at all because I really do understand how overwhelming and scary it can be to take a leap of faith into the unknown! It will most likely mean, on some level, a loss not only of the familiar, but also a loss of control! In this last excerpt from the podcast I am sharing, I encourage anyone who is going through this right now to be especially kind and patient with themselves…

“And so whether you might be feeling like you are just now standing on the edge of the deep end, or you have already taken the plunge, like I feel I have, I just want to encourage you to remain as sensitive and aware of God’s Spirit and voice as you can…I want to encourage you to be kind and patient with yourself because the deep end is foreign to us and we will be in as yet, unchartered territory!”

I hope this has blessed you and if you would like to hear more I hope you can tune into the podcast!

Finding Your Unique Voice!

In my most recent Anchor podcast I talk about finding our own unique voice in life. I explore some of the helps and hindrances we tend to encounter when faced with the development of our own unique self-expression. Our unique voice largely involves how we view the world and ourselves, especially as connected to our perceptions and beliefs. However, even deeper than this, there is the idea of our core, or true identity, and I explore how this identity is ideally formed as we grow and develop into who God created us to be. I look at the idea that as our identity is shaped in God, and as we are able to perceive just how much God loves us, we are able to express ourselves with more and more freedom and strength. Conversely, if we feel that what we have to say is unwanted or unwelcome, or if we feel criticized or judged when we try to express our voice, we can find that we are profoundly hindered from self-expression and that we even shut down entirely at times. We each have our own unique perspective and contribution to make and so no matter how many others might explore a topic, each person will be unique in how they perceive that topic! Each expression is valuable just as each person God has created is valuable and irreplaceable. I go into more depth in the podcast if this subject sounds interesting to you! I mentioned it in the Welcome of my blog, but I want to mention it here again for anyone who might be interested in a deeper exploration of finding your own unique voice. My Anchor podcast is called Real Talk with your host Sonja, and it can also be found on the castbox app in the google playstore. I truly hope you will be encouraged and inspired as you listen, especially if you are thinking of stepping out into any new endeavors and sharing your own unique voice with the world!

C. S. Lewis –

“I would rather be what God chose to make me than the most glorious creature that I could think of – for to have been born in God’s thought and then made by God is the dearest, grandest, and most precious thing in all thinking.”