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Hello everyone! Welcome to Real Talk Radio’s Podcast feed! It is my hope that you will be blessed and encouraged as I share different aspects of my journey with God in these podcast episodes from my Real Talk Radio Podcast on Spreaker and on Anchor! As always, I will continue to add new blog posts here on the Real Talk Radio blog after each new episode, so be sure to watch for new podcasts on this RSS feed! Bless you!

Why Do We Need Boundaries?

Hello Everyone,  I have a new podcast on Spreaker and Anchor titled,  Why Do We Need Boundaries!  In this episode I shared some of the reasons why I feel that understanding where our God-given boundaries lie is so very important if we are going to prosper and thrive within our new Promise Lands,  as well as in our gifts and callings! Here are a few excerpts from the podcast explaining why I believe it is important that we understand the connection between our inheritance in the Lord being able to manifest as fully as possible in our lives,  and our being able to discern or perceive where the God-given boundary lines have been set for us as individuals.

“…it is because the enemy wants to get us out of our God-given parameters,  and if he can do that,  it can profoundly affect our ability to prosper!  It is within our God-given boundaries that we are able to receive the revelation from God that we need to function at an optimum level in our gifts and callings and the context in which God’s blessings can flow to us,  and then overflow so that we can give to others within our God-given spheres!”

“…once we understand how important it is for us to stay within our God-given boundaries,  we can look at what is probably the primary way the enemy will try to get us off track.  Here again I want to refer to what Chuck Pierce shared,  and he said that our desires are actually at war with the boundaries God wants to set for us!  So we want to allow the Lord to essentially crucify any desires that the enemy could use to draw us away and out of God’s will for us.  I suppose another way of saying it is that we want to invite the Lord to help us die to self daily so that our desires will be purified and aligned with Him and His heart and will for our lives.”

If this is a topic that interests you,  please be sure to tune into Spreaker or Anchor to hear more!

  • Psalm 16: 5-8

“Lord,  you alone are my portion and my cup;  you make my lot secure.  The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;  surely I have a delightful inheritance.  I will praise the Lord,  who counsels me;  even at night my heart instructs me.  I keep my eyes always on the Lord.  With Him at my right hand,  I will not be shaken.”

You Are A Diamond!

I recently did a podcast for Spreaker and Anchor titled You Are A Diamond!  I was inspired to do this podcast for a couple of reasons.  The first reason was that my friend Mary gave a great suggestion of doing a podcast about moments in life where people felt certain that God was present with them in a very tangible way.  I love this idea actually, and I can even see a possible series of podcasts coming out of it where people have an opportunity to share some of their own “God Moments” in life!  I am especially excited about this idea because I feel it is not only inspiring, but an encouragement to all of us as we hear what God has done in other people’s lives!

Shortly after Mary shared her idea with me,  in fact I think it was only a few days later, I had the blessing of experiencing what I believe was one of these moments!  This moment is what I shared in my podcasts, and the reason I felt that the moment was connected to us being diamonds,  and more specifically diamonds in the rough,  is because I believe as we journey through life we are all works in progress!  It can be a messy process at times, and in that process I believe much of our true nature and selves,  who God created us to be, can get covered up by difficult life circumstances,  pain,  health issues and any other stressors we might be dealing with.  Here are a few excerpts from the podcasts where I talk about the “God Moment” I recently experienced:

“I was watching a youtube video and one of the people who commented…their comment suddenly seemed very highlighted to me,  and a sudden grief came over me that no one had,  up to that point,  liked or replied to the comment.  I was perceiving it as someone asking for some kind of encouragement and help! The person felt that they had failed in life and failed God too because their life circumstances had turned out so difficult.  They were sick and homeless and I realized then that the grief I was feeling was the Lord’s heart for that person,  and His love for them began to flood my heart and then I knew I had to answer the prompting rising up in my heart!  So feeling somewhat overwhelmed by this person’s level of pain and suffering,  I began to try and write what I hoped was a compassionate and helpful response. one point in that person’s comment they said they were sleeping outside and being treated like an unwanted dog.  That sentence in particular grieved me,  and then I believe the Lord put in my mind what to say to them so I began to share a story from a book I had read by Rick Joyner called The Final Quest.  In this book Rick Joyner talked about a vision he felt God had given to him and it was one part of the vision specifically that I felt prompted to share with this hurting person.  In this part of the vision Rick Joyner saw a man walking down the street and the Lord told him,  in his vision,  that this man had not ever known love or even been shown kindness for one day in his whole life.  This man was,  of course, in bad shape, and then a cat walked right in front of him and he was tempted to take some of his hurt and anger out on this cat and kick the cat.  However,  this man chose to resist that temptation and he did not kick the cat!

The Lord then told Rick Joyner that this man had a throne in heaven for this one act of kindness during his life…that was all I shared about the vision but then I added that only God could judge the sum total of a person’s life and that even if they felt their life had been wasted,  that God sees things and us, very differently than we do!  People tend to be focused on the outward appearance when God is focused on the inward character and core of who He created us to be.  Very shortly after I had left my comment,  the person came back online and wrote a comment back to me.  As I read their comment I began to feel God’s heart again and then I felt even more sure that God had used me by telling the story of the cat because this person wrote and said,  and this is verbatim – ‘This has brought me to tears,  I have bags of food here for all the wild animals who come by daily for food,  I’m just here,  you do know kindness and compassion thank you!’  When I read this response I was just amazed because I had no idea when I shared the story about the man not kicking the cat,  that a story about an animal would be the perfect way to break through some of that person’s pain and give them hopefully even the tiniest ability to believe again that God was,  and actually is,  seeing their pain and on a level of depth no human being is capable of!”

So there you have it my most recent God moment!  It might not sound like a big deal but all I can say is that what I felt in my heart in that moment was a big deal and a blessing to me!  I believe these kinds of moments are possible everyday and especially when we follow those promptings of our hearts to reach out to another person with a helping hand or sometimes even something as simple as a smile.  If you would like to hear the podcast episode, You Are A Diamond,  in it’s entirety it is on both my Spreaker and Anchor podcasts!  As always my hope is that this has been an encouragement and a blessing to you and I look forward to being back with another blog post very soon!


Thriving In The Promise Land!

Hello Everyone!  I recently recorded a new podcast for both Spreaker and Anchor titled Thriving In The Promise Land!  In this episode I shared what I have been going through recently as the Lord has been moving me ever closer to more fully entering into my new Promise Land.  While this is definitely exciting,  I began to notice that I was struggling more than usual with feelings of insecurity and inadequacy about being able to accomplish those things God has put on my heart to do! This is one of the issues I decided to address in the podcasts,  in case others might be going through a similar struggle in their walk with God right now,  here is an excerpt from the podcast where I share what I believe the Lord showed me about how this struggle can not only be overcome,  but how we can also thrive in our Promise Lands!

“…What I think the Lord has been really impressing on me is that the security we need once again stems from our true identity in Christ,  who God created us to be,  being able to come forth.  I also believe that this comes from us surrendering to a deep transformative process where we are dying to self and being molded more into the image of Christ,  and that it really is in this transformation process that our truest selves and true identity begins to come forth.  In this amazing process we begin to blossom in our callings and giftings because they are flowing out of our true indentities in Christ as we are getting more rooted and more firmly established in our relationship with Him and experiencing His love for us!”

I believe one of the most powerful strengthening elements for us,  if not the most strenghtening element,  is when we begin to not only have a head knowledge,  but an authentic heart knowledge of how much God truly loves us!  It is on this foundation that our confidence and true and lasting security can grow and flourish especially as we are moving out into new territories to function in our gifts and callings.

I hope you can tune into one or both of the podcasts if you would like to hear more,  and I pray that you will be encouraged and strengthened as you continue to step out in obedience in your giftings and call,  the body of Christ needs you and what God has placed within you to share, and the world does too!