Being Understood Is A Luxury

Hello eveyone! I hope you all had a blessed Christmas this year and are looking forward to the upcoming new year!  This month of December has turned out to be quite busy for me, and so I have not yet recorded a new Spreaker podcast for December,  however I do have a new podcast already prepared and hope to get it recorded within the next day or two!  As always I will post some of the excerpts here on the blog from the podcast once it has been recorded!  I am doing a special blog post today because I published a recent poem,  Being Understood Is A Luxury,  on my Real Talk Radio Facebook page, and one of my friends wanted to know if I would be publishing the poem here on the blog as well.  I thought that was a great idea and so here I am!   The inspiration for this poem came from the idea that we have all felt misunderstood at different times in our lives and I was thinking about how lonely this can sometimes make us feel.  What has helped me when I feel this way is remembering that not always being understood is a part of life, and what has helped me more than anything else to make peace with that,  is knowing that God not only understands me,  but knows me better than I know myself!  The poem is written on the picture for this blog post,  but the writing is small,  so I will also include the poem written out for you at the bottom of this post.  I also want to be sure to say a special thank you to my friend Mary for inspiring me to put the poem here on the blog, and for helping to encourage me to keep writing these poems as the inspiration comes!  I am also ever thankful to the Lord for the inspiration from Him for the poems and I hope and pray that you will be blessed as you read them!  In my next Spreaker podcast I will be talking about the intriguing concept that God often communicates to us through whispers,  I hope you will be able to tune in!  Until then many blessings to you!  Here is the poem!

Being Understood Is A Luxury –

From moderate to extreme,  there

will be those who disagree.

Being understood is a luxury so

know that most will not understand!  Better to love and

accept than to judge and reject!

Keep it simple as you keep moving forward and know that it

just won’t be handed to you,  so just do your best,  and fear not

the resistance;  your persistence in your direction will in time bring



The Turning of Season

Hello everyone!  I have started a new category for the blog that I am simply calling Poetry!  I was talking with a friend just a few days ago when they challenged me that I needed to start committing to the idea that some of what I am sharing on the podcasts and on this blog is prophetic in nature.  I have been a bit reticent to say that up to this point,  however I did feel some conviction that God wanted to start giving me poems to share that express an aspect of God’s heart in a prophetic way.  What was especially interesting to me was that I sensed that any prophesy that might come through these poems is very creative in its nature,  not at all what I would normally think of as prophetic!  However,  I can envision the creative aspect of this poetry in the context of prophetic utterances or prophetic inspiration as expressed through word play.  I am aware that all of this may sound a bit cryptic,  and I don’t mean to be,  it’s just that whatever I am feeling about this is coming from a spiritually intuitive place with God,  for lack of a better way of saying it.  I will be writing poems and sharing them here on the blog as often as I feel prompted to write them,  which means it will likely not be as consistent as my podcasts for example,  but I am excited to see what God will do in this creative context!  As always my hope and prayer is that what I share here is a blessing to you and hopefully an inspiration for you to follow the promptings of God in your life!  Here is my most recent prophetically inspired poem, bless you!

The Turning of Season –

The dappled sunlight breaks out in its brilliant fusion,  heralding in season’s end.

While autumn’s leaves cascade,  turning and twirling in a merry dance as they  embrace their fleeting radiance,  even as they fall.

Robed regally in such vibrant glory,  they bow and break in red,  green, and gold tumbling spirals!

Until finally,  having spent their all,  they enter with unbridled hope a new path, no longer downward but upward and straight into joy!

Fear not dear weary traveller for abundant fruit awaits you!  For securely nestled now within love’s threshold the fading sighs of these red,  green, and gold offerings have caught heaven’s ear!

So keep moving ever forward in that upward climb where truth and passion unite,  where within that kindling flame the mystery of recompense awaits you!

In the muck and mire,  mind not the inevitable confusion,  instead hold fast to the sweet reward of resolution!  Love’s fragrance flooded within,  fiery in its overflow yet unrelentingly pure in its heralding in of a new season!