Introducing Sci-fi Corner!

Hello Everyone! I am excited to introduce a new category to my Real Talk Radio Blog and Podcasts! I have always enjoyed science-fiction and in fact, I grew up greatly influenced by my grandfather Lou who wrote several science-fiction stories, and so I decided that to honor his memory I would attempt to carry on, even if in some small way, his writing legacy. I also felt the Lord prompting me many years ago to attempt writing a science-fiction book and it has been a labor of love that I have found to be very challenging but also rewarding!

I feel led to write the story in segments here on the blog first that I will then share on my Podcasts as well. I definitely feel led to put the story on Anchor right away, but I am not as sure about adding it to my Spreaker podcast just yet. Maybe once I see if the story gains an audience on Anchor, I will get a better feel about recording it on Spreaker as well.

Until then stay tuned for upcoming segments of my science fiction story! God Bless you all and thank you again for wanting to share in my life’s journey!