About Bullying

Good Morning Everyone!  I truly hope and pray that you are being Blessed!  I felt the need to address something this morning.  I am somewhat grieved,  but not surprised as I have talked so much in my podcasts, and written here in my blog as well,  about adversity striking us when we are moving ahead in our walk with God.  In this sense,  there really is no surprise when adversity and opposition strikes,  especially as we are moving out into new areas and partnering with the Lord to take new ground.  I woke this morning to a hostile commenter from my last post.  This person is a complete stranger to me and yet felt compelled to spew hatred in my direction.  This is definitely not what I want this blog to be evoking in others,  and it is most definitely not what I want to be dealing with.  I now feel compelled to say to anyone who might be reading this, that what I am doing here in this blog is following what I feel God has put on my heart to share with others,  purely and solely for the purpose of encouraging and hopefully sometimes even inspiring them.  I have to say though,  that at this early conception stage of my blog,  I did not expect such a threatening backlash already.  I would like to be able to post more about myself here and my experiences on this blog, but I am now feeling a little more hesitant about sharing.

I would also like to continue with this blog,  especially if it is helping and blessing you,  but I need to pause here and ask for prayer support from anyone who might feel a leading to pray for me.  The warfare is real as we step out into new areas,  giftings,  and callings and I really do want to pursue all that the Lord has put on my heart in this new season with Him,  not only to share here on the blog,  but on my podcasts as well,  however this was a wake up call for me,  and one that is prompting me to now put out a call to you for prayer help and support,  especially if my blog posts and podcasts have blessed you in any way!  I more than welcome positive,  kind,  generous,  loving, and constructive feedback!  I realize this goes without saying,  but commenters who post cruel,  abusive,  and bullying comments will not ever get approved or posted here.  I don’t really want to labor this too much,  it is an unpleasant subject and not the kind of thing I really want to be focusing my time,  energy and efforts on in this blog,  however I felt the necessity of addressing it right away.  I have learned over the years in my walk with the Lord that avoidance of a problem or issue is never the answer.  It is always so wonderful when God miraculously delivers us out of difficult situations and we are are instantly and wonderfully spared,  but there are also those character building seasons where we have to go through processes,  and sometimes even difficult experiences to shape us, teach us, and grow us up.  In that sense I welcome this experience,  even though it is unpleasant!

I want to thank everyone who has been sharing my journey with me up to this point,  not only here on the blog,  but in my podcasts as well! I truly appreciate you and will sincerely appreciate any positive and encouraging feedback very much,  and if you feel the Holy Spirit leading you to pray for my cover and protection as I keep pressing forward here with the Lord,  I will be so very grateful!  I really would like to safely be able to share more about myself with all of you,  but the need for prayer cover seems to be very real!  This actually leads up to what I was wanting to talk about in my next Spreaker podcast,  I want to talk about that in-between time when God is tearing down the old borders or walls that were in place for you in your old season,  and how we can sometimes resist because those boundaries have been in a way our friends!  They bring us comfort and security in their familiarity and so it can hurt and even scare us when God begins tearing them down.  It can also be a vulnerable time for us spiritually as I believe I am now experiencing because new borders and new boundaries that pertain to your new season need to be established,  and unfortunately this is a time when the enemy can move in to strike because he sees you are more vulnerable.  The good and awesome news though is that the Lord will raise up a standard on our behalf as we keep trusting in Him and looking to Him in faith!  So here I am being tested already,  and while it is not pleasant I can still rejoice knowing that the Lord has my back!

Bless you guys and please know that I welcome your feedback and am so grateful and thankful for any and all prayer support you might feel led to give me!  God Bless you all,  I will be making another blog post very soon!


Welcome to this first blog post of Real talk with Sonja! I am starting this blog as a companion to my Spreaker Real Talk Radio podcast as well as my newer Anchor podcast called Real Talk with your host Sonja. I hope you can tune in and be encouraged and hopefully edified by some honest and real exploration of varied topics that I cover on both podcasts.

On Spreaker I have been exploring my personal testimony and spiritual journey as well as sharing songs I have written. On the Anchor podcast I have explored topics like – The Only Constant Is Change as well as my more recent episode called Finding Your Unique Voice! I hope to cover some of the topics I explore in the podcasts here on my blog as well, and I would like to even post excerpts from the episodes so that readers can view the podcast content in more detail. Thank you for checking out my new blog and I hope you will have the opportunity to listen to one or both of the podcasts!