Hello everyone!  I just recently recorded a new podcast on Spreaker titled Confidence!  The inspiration for this particular episode actually came from a video series I have been sharing on my Real Talk Radio Facebook page called Hope For Healing.  I was taking a look at how I believe our confidence in God is an important factor in being able to hold vision, and that vision is closely tied into our ability,  not only to hope,  but to carry that hope on into the future.  Here are a few excerpts from the podcast:

“In Hebrews 11 verse 1 from the NIV it says,  ‘Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.’  This illustrates to me that our faith and hope are really tied in with being able to have conviction and confidence about things that are not yet seen!  In order for us to continue to have faith and hope, as well as carry vision for the future,  I felt God was showing me that confidence is really key to our being able to carry vision!  I was listening to Steven Furtick recently and he was talking about how we need to not lose our confidence, and in Hebrews chapter 10 verse 35 (NIV) it says,  ‘So do not throw away your confidence,  it will be richly rewarded.’  This got me thinking about why and how we might lose our confidence,  and I believe it was Steven Furtick again, who said that broken expectations and unexpected outcomes can affect our ability to trust.  This led me to the conclusion that when our trust has been broken this can often break down our confidence as well.”

If you would like to hear the podcast in its entirety,   please be sure to tune into the full episode on Spreaker where I share how I believe our confidence can be renewed and restored! You can find me on Spreaker at Real Talk Radio,  just look for Podcaster SMills!  I look forward to being back with you again soon!






Why Is Faith Important?

Hello everyone!  I just finished a new Spreaker podcast titled Why Is Faith Important!  I was inspired to do this podcast as I was listening to someone on yotube, his name is Marcus Rogers if anyone would be interested in looking him up.  He used a phrase that inspired me when he said that ‘we can be faithful because we have faith!’ It reminded me that when I am going through a difficult time in my life,  I not only look to the Lord to help me through the trial in the moment,  but I also draw upon my already existing level of faith.  In other words,  I am able to remain faithful during times of testing to the degree that I have already developed faith within me!  In the podcast I share several reasons why I feel faith is so important for us,  here are just a few excerpts from the podcast!

“…if I have faith already developed within me,  I am more able to trust God in those kinds of difficult moments or challenges,  and that of course is just one good reason why faith is so important!  I have talked in earlier podcasts about how I felt that the Lord was taking me through a process of a kind of resistance training similar to what I imagine weight lifters go through.  An example of this would be the Lord having me resist giving into fear,  and I’m not talking about trying not to feel afraid in my own strength,  because in my experience trying not to feel afraid when I feel afraid has not worked!  It’s more like the Lord taking me by the hand, and then with an act of my will, I am choosing to trust Him in that moment, even though I might still be feeling some fear,  and so as I have faced that particular fear,  choosing to trust Him,  it would be like flexing a faith muscle!”

“As I am looking to the Lord to get me through that valley,  I am also trusting Him to expose and reveal to me any lies I might have been believing that were attached to that fear.  This brings to my mind the scripture from Romans 8 vs. 28 from the NiV that says,  ‘And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him,  who have been called according to His purpose.”  This is a comforting scripture for me to remember during times where I feel my faith is being really stretched and tested because I know that if I can just trust Him,  and if I can believe that He really is going to work all that I am going through to the good,  I can be comforted and assured even when those times of testing and trial come and this is another reason why faith is so important!  In those pressure cooker moments in life,  we need a real foundation that can stand,  a real trust in the Lord that we can draw from in those heightened moments in life of our greatest need!”

If you would like to hear the podcast,  Why Is Faith Important, in it’s entirety, please be sure to tune in to hear the full episode on Spreaker,  just look for Real Talk Radio,  Podcaster SMills!  I will be back with you again soon,  until then,  blessings to you!

Being Understood Is A Luxury

Hello eveyone! I hope you all had a blessed Christmas this year and are looking forward to the upcoming new year!  This month of December has turned out to be quite busy for me, and so I have not yet recorded a new Spreaker podcast for December,  however I do have a new podcast already prepared and hope to get it recorded within the next day or two!  As always I will post some of the excerpts here on the blog from the podcast once it has been recorded!  I am doing a special blog post today because I published a recent poem,  Being Understood Is A Luxury,  on my Real Talk Radio Facebook page, and one of my friends wanted to know if I would be publishing the poem here on the blog as well.  I thought that was a great idea and so here I am!   The inspiration for this poem came from the idea that we have all felt misunderstood at different times in our lives and I was thinking about how lonely this can sometimes make us feel.  What has helped me when I feel this way is remembering that not always being understood is a part of life, and what has helped me more than anything else to make peace with that,  is knowing that God not only understands me,  but knows me better than I know myself!  The poem is written on the picture for this blog post,  but the writing is small,  so I will also include the poem written out for you at the bottom of this post.  I also want to be sure to say a special thank you to my friend Mary for inspiring me to put the poem here on the blog, and for helping to encourage me to keep writing these poems as the inspiration comes!  I am also ever thankful to the Lord for the inspiration from Him for the poems and I hope and pray that you will be blessed as you read them!  In my next Spreaker podcast I will be talking about the intriguing concept that God often communicates to us through whispers,  I hope you will be able to tune in!  Until then many blessings to you!  Here is the poem!

Being Understood Is A Luxury –

From moderate to extreme,  there

will be those who disagree.

Being understood is a luxury so

know that most will not understand!  Better to love and

accept than to judge and reject!

Keep it simple as you keep moving forward and know that it

just won’t be handed to you,  so just do your best,  and fear not

the resistance;  your persistence in your direction will in time bring




Hello everyone!  I just finished a new podcast on Spreaker titled Stability where I take a look at why I believe we can have true and lasting stability in our lives!  I started the podcast out with two scriptures that I felt God highlighted to me that will hopefully help demonstrate how we can better experience real stability in our lives and why stability is not an elusive or unattainable goal for us! The first scripture I shared is Ephesians 3 verse 16 from the Amplified Bible which says,  “May He grant you out of the riches of His glory,  to be strengthened and spiritually energized with power through His Spirit in your inner self,  (indwelling your innermost being and personality)…” and the other scripture is also from the Amplified Bible and it says,  “He made Christ who knew no sin to (judicially) be sin on our behalf,  so that in Him we would become the righteousness of God (that is,  we would be made acceptable to Him and placed in a right relationship with Him by His gracious lovingkindness).”

Here are just a few excerpts from the transcript of the podcast where I talk about how our comprehension of these scriptures can help us better understand how and why stability is an attainable goal for us!

“…so I believe that our stability is profoundly tied in and connected to,  the idea that as God grants us,  out of the riches of His glory,  it strengthens and spiritually energizes us with power through the Holy Spirit that then translates into our inner beings.”

“…the time of building sandcastles on the shifting sands of the soul is now coming to an end…I took that to mean that anything built out of the fallen nature is on shaky ground,  or shifting sands,  and so it is foundationally unstable. ”

“…one other thing that really impacted me,  and that I felt tied it all together,  is the idea that we are a temple of the Holy Spirit,  and that this also brings true stability for us!  It’s like a lightbulb went off and I thought wow this is the how and why of it!  This is the tangible reality and hope for us for stability if we have put our trust and faith in Jesus!  We can have real stability within our innermost beings and we can get the revelation and understanding that we truly are energized spiritually through and by the Holy Spirit when God grants us these inner riches,  ‘out of the riches of His glory’! So as this continues for us in our walk with God we are hopefully getting more strengthened and being more energized as the Lord is taking us through,  by our obedience to Him,  a process of laying a true,  solid foundation within us that cannot be shaken!”

This topic must be close to God’s heart because I already feel a prompting to do another podcast where I will be sharing some additional insights on this important concept of stability!  As always you can hear my Spreaker episodes in their entirety on my Spreaker Real Talk Radio podcast,  just look for Podcaster SMills!


Fix Your Eyes

My new episode out on Spreaker is titled Fix Your Eyes!  In this episode I talk about what we can do when we feel that the particular cross we have been asked to carry is becoming too much for us to bear.  I started with the scripture from Hebrews 12 verse 2 from the NIV which reads,  “Fixing our eyes on Jesus,  the pioneer and perfector of faith.  For the joy set before Him he endured the cross,  scorning its shame,  and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.”  If you have been feeling like you have had to carry the weight of your cross much longer than you ever thought you would have to,  here are a few excerpts from the podcast where I share why I think this can sometimes happen to us.

“…I think one of the reasons this actually happens for us is because the battle is,  and has been fierce,  and the laborers have been few.  So for those of us who feel we are called particularly to be spiritual forerunners and pioneers,  this situation of the laborers being few can be something we,  as a forerunner,  might feel more acutely,  and we also might bear the consequences of spiritual realities and warfare more acutely.  What then can we do when we are feeling that we just cannot bear up under that particular cross the Lord has called us to carry”?

“…our focus is key,  but not just focus,  it is specific focus on Jesus…even now as I am struggling to keep my focus and eyes on Jesus,  I can still,  with an act of my will,  choose to remain faithful to those things He has given me to do and steward in my new Promise Land!”

You can hear the full podcast,  Fix Your Eyes,  on my Spreaker Real Talk Radio show,  just look for Podcaster SMills!  I also wanted to mention here in the blog something exciting that happened to me about a week ago.  I had an amazing experience with the Lord where a series of poems just started,  through inspiration,  to come to me!  I actually ended up writing about 15 poems or so in the span of about 2 hours!  I am titling this collection of poems The Savior Series,  and my Mom and I are now working to put together an ebook of this collection of poems! I will be sure to let you know more about the availability of the ebook once we get it completed.  I thought I would share one of the poems in The Savior Series here on the blog, and I shared this poem in the podcast as well.  The poem,  like the podcast is also titled Fix Your Eyes,  and I actually decided to give the podcast the same title as the poem when I realized that the podcast content aligned with the poem so perfectly!  So here is one of the poems from The Savior Series!

Fix Your Eyes

Fix your eyes on Jesus, the perfector of your faith,

the perfector of you.  His return gaze will blaze the trail meant for you.

In this world there will be trouble,  still this trouble is the signpost.

This trouble is the door to perfection awaiting you on the other side.

Don’t forget that you are the Bride and only hell’s gate is open wide,

but this is not for you.  This is not for you.

Fix your eyes on Jesus,  the perfector of your faith,  the perfector of you,

and have no doubt that His resurrection life ,  is now your life too.



Real Talk Radio’s Poetry Series

Happy Sunday morning everyone!  I hope you are all having a great day today,  I am here with my much needed coffee getting an early start on the day and decided to blog right away!  Yesterday I recorded another podcast for Spreaker that I hope you guys get the chance to hear,  this episode was an especially fun one because I had my sister Adrienne on with me as a guest!  In yesterday’s episode that I titled Real Talk Radio’s Poetry Series,  I read my most recent poem,  The Turning of Season,  which I have published here in the poetry category of the blog if you would like to see the poem written out.  Adrienne also shared a poem that one of her friends wrote as an encouragement for her!  I was going to post that poem on the blog too but because of some translation issues with the poem which is originally written in Italian,  I decided not to try and post it here,  but even with having to translate it to English,  it is a beautiful poem and you can hear Adrienne recite it in the podcast.  Adrienne and I really did have alot of fun sharing poetry and some good conversation and we hope you can grab some coffee or your favorite beveredge,  kick back with us and enjoy it too!  We ad libbed our way through most of the podcast,  but here are a few brief excerpts from my introduction!

“Today’s episode is part of what I am simply calling Real Talk Radio’s Poetry Series that I wanted to start here on Real Talk Radio…”

“…Adrienne and I come from a family that is pretty strong in music and writing,  so it was probably kind of inevitable that we would both develop interests in those areas!  So this episode is kind of the official kick-off of my poetry series here on Real Talk Radio!”

I would like to add that since I am doing a poetry series,  Real Talk Radio is looking for more poets who would like to share their masterpiences on the podcast!  Just leave me a comment here on the blog if you are interested, and of course if anyone in the Real Talk Friends group on Facebook is interested you can get hold of me there.  As always,  if you would like to hear this podcast in its entirety,  just look for my show on Real Talk Radio on Spreaker,  Podcaster SMills.  Bless you all and thanks for listening!

The Turning of Season

Hello everyone!  I have started a new category for the blog that I am simply calling Poetry!  I was talking with a friend just a few days ago when they challenged me that I needed to start committing to the idea that some of what I am sharing on the podcasts and on this blog is prophetic in nature.  I have been a bit reticent to say that up to this point,  however I did feel some conviction that God wanted to start giving me poems to share that express an aspect of God’s heart in a prophetic way.  What was especially interesting to me was that I sensed that any prophesy that might come through these poems is very creative in its nature,  not at all what I would normally think of as prophetic!  However,  I can envision the creative aspect of this poetry in the context of prophetic utterances or prophetic inspiration as expressed through word play.  I am aware that all of this may sound a bit cryptic,  and I don’t mean to be,  it’s just that whatever I am feeling about this is coming from a spiritually intuitive place with God,  for lack of a better way of saying it.  I will be writing poems and sharing them here on the blog as often as I feel prompted to write them,  which means it will likely not be as consistent as my podcasts for example,  but I am excited to see what God will do in this creative context!  As always my hope and prayer is that what I share here is a blessing to you and hopefully an inspiration for you to follow the promptings of God in your life!  Here is my most recent prophetically inspired poem, bless you!

The Turning of Season –

The dappled sunlight breaks out in its brilliant fusion,  heralding in season’s end.

While autumn’s leaves cascade,  turning and twirling in a merry dance as they  embrace their fleeting radiance,  even as they fall.

Robed regally in such vibrant glory,  they bow and break in red,  green, and gold tumbling spirals!

Until finally,  having spent their all,  they enter with unbridled hope a new path, no longer downward but upward and straight into joy!

Fear not dear weary traveller for abundant fruit awaits you!  For securely nestled now within love’s threshold the fading sighs of these red,  green, and gold offerings have caught heaven’s ear!

So keep moving ever forward in that upward climb where truth and passion unite,  where within that kindling flame the mystery of recompense awaits you!

In the muck and mire,  mind not the inevitable confusion,  instead hold fast to the sweet reward of resolution!  Love’s fragrance flooded within,  fiery in its overflow yet unrelentingly pure in its heralding in of a new season!



When We Get Desperate

Hello Everyone!  I just finished a new podcast on Spreaker titled, When We Get Desperate, and this particular podcast actually came about through some recent experiences in my life and family where issues that have long needed addressed started coming to a head!  I shared in the podcast how we can better cope,  as well as stay encouraged in our faith,  when God is allowing things to get to a point where we have to make some hard choices and take decisive action concerning problems or obstacles that have been holding us back!  Here are a few excerpts from the podcast that I hope will be encouraging to you especially if you like me,  have recently been experiencing some challenging issues coming to a head in your life!

“…I have reached a point now,  along with my family,  where things are supernaturally coming to a head especially all around me,  and decisive action is going to have to be taken!  Yet even as I know this,  I am also aware of needing to stay in a surrendered posture to the Lord.  Back on July 28th of this year,  I did a podcast on Anchor titled,  Are You In God’s Pressure Cooker,  and in that episode I talked about the necessity of God,  at times in our lives,  needing to turn up the heat in order to bring things that have been hidden up to the surface so that God can deal with them.”

“…we can take heart that God does promise to work all things to the good for those who love Him and are called according to His purposes.  So whatever things might be coming to a head right now,  in your life and in mine,  we know that God is allowing it to happen for our ultimate good.  We can also take heart that times like these really are ripe for miracles!  Especially if the situation God is allowing to come to a head has difficult or impossible elements to it when looked at through natural eyes.”

If this is a topic that interests you and you would like to hear more,  please be sure to check out the podcast in it’s entirety on my Spreaker Real Talk Radio show,  just look for podcaster SMills.  Bless You!



Why Do We Need Boundaries?

Hello Everyone,  I have a new podcast on Spreaker and Anchor titled,  Why Do We Need Boundaries!  In this episode I shared some of the reasons why I feel that understanding where our God-given boundaries lie is so very important if we are going to prosper and thrive within our new Promise Lands,  as well as in our gifts and callings! Here are a few excerpts from the podcast explaining why I believe it is important that we understand the connection between our inheritance in the Lord being able to manifest as fully as possible in our lives,  and our being able to discern or perceive where the God-given boundary lines have been set for us as individuals.

“…it is because the enemy wants to get us out of our God-given parameters,  and if he can do that,  it can profoundly affect our ability to prosper!  It is within our God-given boundaries that we are able to receive the revelation from God that we need to function at an optimum level in our gifts and callings and the context in which God’s blessings can flow to us,  and then overflow so that we can give to others within our God-given spheres!”

“…once we understand how important it is for us to stay within our God-given boundaries,  we can look at what is probably the primary way the enemy will try to get us off track.  Here again I want to refer to what Chuck Pierce shared,  and he said that our desires are actually at war with the boundaries God wants to set for us!  So we want to allow the Lord to essentially crucify any desires that the enemy could use to draw us away and out of God’s will for us.  I suppose another way of saying it is that we want to invite the Lord to help us die to self daily so that our desires will be purified and aligned with Him and His heart and will for our lives.”

If this is a topic that interests you,  please be sure to tune into Spreaker or Anchor to hear more!

  • Psalm 16: 5-8

“Lord,  you alone are my portion and my cup;  you make my lot secure.  The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;  surely I have a delightful inheritance.  I will praise the Lord,  who counsels me;  even at night my heart instructs me.  I keep my eyes always on the Lord.  With Him at my right hand,  I will not be shaken.”

You Are A Diamond!

I recently did a podcast for Spreaker and Anchor titled You Are A Diamond!  I was inspired to do this podcast for a couple of reasons.  The first reason was that my friend Mary gave a great suggestion of doing a podcast about moments in life where people felt certain that God was present with them in a very tangible way.  I love this idea actually, and I can even see a possible series of podcasts coming out of it where people have an opportunity to share some of their own “God Moments” in life!  I am especially excited about this idea because I feel it is not only inspiring, but an encouragement to all of us as we hear what God has done in other people’s lives!

Shortly after Mary shared her idea with me,  in fact I think it was only a few days later, I had the blessing of experiencing what I believe was one of these moments!  This moment is what I shared in my podcasts, and the reason I felt that the moment was connected to us being diamonds,  and more specifically diamonds in the rough,  is because I believe as we journey through life we are all works in progress!  It can be a messy process at times, and in that process I believe much of our true nature and selves,  who God created us to be, can get covered up by difficult life circumstances,  pain,  health issues and any other stressors we might be dealing with.  Here are a few excerpts from the podcasts where I talk about the “God Moment” I recently experienced:

“I was watching a youtube video and one of the people who commented…their comment suddenly seemed very highlighted to me,  and a sudden grief came over me that no one had,  up to that point,  liked or replied to the comment.  I was perceiving it as someone asking for some kind of encouragement and help! The person felt that they had failed in life and failed God too because their life circumstances had turned out so difficult.  They were sick and homeless and I realized then that the grief I was feeling was the Lord’s heart for that person,  and His love for them began to flood my heart and then I knew I had to answer the prompting rising up in my heart!  So feeling somewhat overwhelmed by this person’s level of pain and suffering,  I began to try and write what I hoped was a compassionate and helpful response. one point in that person’s comment they said they were sleeping outside and being treated like an unwanted dog.  That sentence in particular grieved me,  and then I believe the Lord put in my mind what to say to them so I began to share a story from a book I had read by Rick Joyner called The Final Quest.  In this book Rick Joyner talked about a vision he felt God had given to him and it was one part of the vision specifically that I felt prompted to share with this hurting person.  In this part of the vision Rick Joyner saw a man walking down the street and the Lord told him,  in his vision,  that this man had not ever known love or even been shown kindness for one day in his whole life.  This man was,  of course, in bad shape, and then a cat walked right in front of him and he was tempted to take some of his hurt and anger out on this cat and kick the cat.  However,  this man chose to resist that temptation and he did not kick the cat!

The Lord then told Rick Joyner that this man had a throne in heaven for this one act of kindness during his life…that was all I shared about the vision but then I added that only God could judge the sum total of a person’s life and that even if they felt their life had been wasted,  that God sees things and us, very differently than we do!  People tend to be focused on the outward appearance when God is focused on the inward character and core of who He created us to be.  Very shortly after I had left my comment,  the person came back online and wrote a comment back to me.  As I read their comment I began to feel God’s heart again and then I felt even more sure that God had used me by telling the story of the cat because this person wrote and said,  and this is verbatim – ‘This has brought me to tears,  I have bags of food here for all the wild animals who come by daily for food,  I’m just here,  you do know kindness and compassion thank you!’  When I read this response I was just amazed because I had no idea when I shared the story about the man not kicking the cat,  that a story about an animal would be the perfect way to break through some of that person’s pain and give them hopefully even the tiniest ability to believe again that God was,  and actually is,  seeing their pain and on a level of depth no human being is capable of!”

So there you have it my most recent God moment!  It might not sound like a big deal but all I can say is that what I felt in my heart in that moment was a big deal and a blessing to me!  I believe these kinds of moments are possible everyday and especially when we follow those promptings of our hearts to reach out to another person with a helping hand or sometimes even something as simple as a smile.  If you would like to hear the podcast episode, You Are A Diamond,  in it’s entirety it is on both my Spreaker and Anchor podcasts!  As always my hope is that this has been an encouragement and a blessing to you and I look forward to being back with another blog post very soon!