Growing Pains

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Hello everyone!  I recently recorded a new Spreaker episode titled,  Growing Pains and in this episode I take a look at the often common presumption that if someone is experiencing pain it means that they have made a mistake or taken a wrong turn.  I also share why I believe that at times our experience of pain can actually be a sign of maturity and new growth taking place!  Here are a few excerpts from the podcast:

“… there is sometimes a presumption that if we are experiencing pain we have taken a wrong turn or done something wrong.  It has actually been my experience that pain is very often a sign that we are actually on the right path, and even though that might not be a popular point of view,  I really do believe that pain especially when we are obeying the Lord in something,  is going to be part of the process we have to go through because I believe The Lord is always wanting to stretch us and take us through experiences that will ultimately heal us,  grow us up, and mature us and maturing often involves growing pains!  If things are turning out to be harder than you thought they would be,  I want to encourage you that it may not necessarily mean you have taken a wrong turn or done anything wrong!”

“… my path has involved a lot of growing pains,  but as I have hopefully been maturing and growing,  I feel the Lord has entrusted me with different things to steward and care for which I find to be very fulfilling and helps to bring purpose and meaning to my life which is a reward in and of itself!  I do have one more thing on my heart I want to share about this and it’s something I have actually mentioned in my testimony which I recorded here on Spreaker and it is that for a long time as a Christian I experienced really wonderful daily miracles that seemed to be quick fixes but there came a point when the Lord impressed upon me that while the miracles would continue to happen,  they would occur more through processes that would involve me stewarding those miracles as well as any daily manna that I had been given.  I believe these processes and the stewarding and commitment required of me in them,  has developed more disciplne in my character which is an important part of the maturing process and does involve plenty of growing pains!  As I have accepted this new level of responsibilty I believe I am growing and that the growing pains are well worth the reward of getting to love others and share with them those things that God has entrusted to me to give away in love and freely! I want to encourage you on your journey not to shy away from a path that the Lord might be calling you to just because you fear there might be some pain along the way because pain in God’s hands will deepen and grow us up so that we can love others with a deeper maturity and capacity to love!”

Thank you as always for joining me and if you would like to hear this episode in its entirety be sure to look for SMills’s show on Spreaker!  I look forward to being back with you again soon with more excerpts from the next episode of Real Talk Radio!

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