Identifying Vision!

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Hello everyone! I just finished a new Spreaker podcast titled Identifying Vision! However, before sharing some of the excerpts from the podcast,  I thought I would re-cap a little of what I have been covering in my Hope For Healing series on my Real Talk Radio Facebook page.  In the series,  I have emphasized the importance of staying on our path of healing with the Lord because I believe that the more healing we receive, the more we are then able to walk in consistent faith and trust which are essential building blocks to help strengthen our confidence in the Lord!  As we continue to move forward in our healing process from past wounds and trauma, we will hopefully discover that we are not only able to dream again, but to hold vision without faltering or losing faith! Once we have reached that exciting point in our healing process where we are healthy enough to hold God-given vision,  how do we then identify what our God-given vision is? Here are a few excerpts from the podcast that will hopefully help to answer that question!

“I feel that God has been showing me that as we receive healing from past wounds and trauma, and as we are getting freed from fear, the vision or God-given purpose of our lives will be better able to come forth, and I believe this can happen because our purpose is tied in with our core identity in Christ and who God created us to be…”

“…if we believe that we already have a God-given vision planted deep within the core of our beings, then it seems to me that the more we are healed and restored the more that core place will be able to come forth!”

“…I also believe that a clue to our core identity and our God-given vision can be found in those things that we are the most passionate about! I find it exciting and encouraging to realize that as our authentic identities are coming forth we are essentially discovering what we were created to do, and that as we hold on in faith to our God-given vision, we will eventually see that vision come to pass as a tangible reality!”

If you would like to hear this episode in its entirety be sure to look for SMills’s Show on Spreaker! I look forward to being back again soon with more excerpts from another podcast,  until then be blessed and thank you as always for tuning into Real Talk Radio!

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